hair tie

April 17, 2014 § 2 Comments


When I picked up my boy from school this past Monday he very happily and excitedly reached into his pocket and presented me with a hair tie.  It was tiny and pink and so unexpected that I asked him where it came from. He told me that it was meant to be given to his sister.

“But who gave it to you?”

“It’s for Baby Girl.”

“Yes, but who GAVE it to you?”

“I found it on the ground.” – I told him that I’d put it in my pocket and wash it when we got home. Then, after it was nicely washed, I’d give it to her.

I immediately put a load of laundry into the washing machine when we got home. I was in the middle of loading the washer when he asked if I had remembered to wash the hair tie. I told him that I’d put it into the machine and I did. “She’ll be happy to have that hair tie when she’s older right mama?” (“Older” as in when she has “more hair”)

By the time the load of laundry was done his Papa had returned home again and had hung up the laundry, including the hair tie. Then we all had dinner.

-He found it on the ground…

It didn’t hit me until after dinner that he had seen that hair tie on the ground at school and that in that moment, he had thought about his baby sister. He had been reminded of her and he had thought ahead to when she’d actually have enough hair to hold that hair tie in place.

How utterly thoughtful of him.

Maybe being a mother has made me a softy but I can’t help it and, truthfully, I’d rather see the world like this. It’s a much more beautiful place now.

Love and light,



§ 2 Responses to hair tie

  • Denice says:

    Simply adorable! How sweet is he?? Love to hear stories like this.
    Don’t worry, Maicie’s hair was the same way when she was young. It took FOREVER to grow long. Now she is in the process (with me) of growing it out for “Locks of Love” (her idea). :) We should be able to cut/donate in June. Maicie is actually waiting on my hair! :)
    Your kids are adorable. Miss you BROWNIE!

    • I’m glad to hear that about Maicie, it’s reassuring because I feel like I’ve been waiting a loooong time :) Locks of Love really? I wanted to do that a few months ago and found out that it had to be about 8 inches long (the actual length of cut off hair) and I realized that I had a while to go. I also found out that I have to get my hair cut more often to keep it healthy. I’m working on it! Please take pictures when you finally get to donate, I want to see! I miss you too Denice and I think about you often. Sending you huge hugs from France! By the way, you were right, FaceBook is crap, personal emails are a lot better. I’m going to work on that too :) Love, Brownie

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