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This is how I’d always like him to feel, like a powerful king.

I said prayers over my children and tucked them into bed as usual this evening. And, as usual, I also snuggled down next to my boy for a few minutes before telling him that I would come back and check on both him and his sister later. Our routine was the same except for the fact that I stayed longer than planned. I don’t recall how our conversation began but we started talking about the dark. Well, I suppose that I should say, “THE dark” because for any child “the dark” is as real and tangible as a slice of bread, or a chair, or any other normal everyday object.

So he told me how he was scared of the dark and how it would creep into his room at night. I told him not to fear, that he was protected by God and that he shouldn’t be scared. He then asked me if God was the dark. No, God is not the dark. God is a good feeling, a feeling that makes you feel safe and protected. He’s all things good, he’s not that scared feeling that you get when you are in the dark.

Earlier on, right after saying prayers we had been talking about his favorite stuffed animal. He had just found it earlier this evening, stuffed into one of his sister’s toy suitcases after not having seen it for over a week. He told me that Doudou (his doll’s toy) had missed him and that he had thought about him while he was locked away in the suitcase. I asked him how he knew that and he said that it was because he had dreamt it. I then asked him if he had dreams. He explained that he had dreamt it in his head, during the day. Those, I explained, were day dreams.

We talked some more and he explained how he would think (and he used this word with great purpose) about monsters in his room when it was dark. I told him that he should tell himself that there is no such thing as monsters and that he should yell out to whatever was making him scared. Yell out that he (the monster) doesn’t exist. Say, “There is no such thing as a monster!” and that the only people in the room are you, your sister, God and perhaps Chima Laval (a Lego character that he likes). He laughed and had a practice run of yelling it out a few times.

We continued to talk and he told me, “You know mama, I think about God all of the time.” He also said that when he is in his room he thinks of monsters but that when he’s in my room, he thinks of God. “Yes mama,  God is in your room.” I tried to tell him that God is always with him, in every room of the house. I tried to explain that he has these thoughts of monsters simply because he has a fabulous imagination and that I too, used to be scared of the dark.

Right towards the end of our conversation, after he asked to sleep in my bed, I told him that it wasn’t nice for his baby sister if he were to leave her all alone in his room…”I know…” (I couldn’t help but to smile to myself in the dark. He’s such a sweet big brother) In the end he ended up going to sleep in my bed. I tucked him in and he was so very happy. I kissed him, smiled to myself and walked out to the living room to tell my husband what had happened. As I was recounting the story we both heard our boy say, “There is NO SUCH THING as a MONSTER!!!”. He yelled that out another two times, sneezed two times and then fell asleep.

Love and light,



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