lover (amoureuse)

December 5, 2013 § Leave a comment


I always knew that he was a lover and not a fighter but this last conversation that we had while driving in the car this evening made me grin.  

Out of the blue he told Pierre and I that his little friend Manon didn’t want to be his amoureuse (girlfriend). In fact, she wanted to be Nathan’s amoureuse…and as he reflected on this his mouth twisted up and went to the side. He then said that he didn’t like this fact. On top of that, his other friend Katrine didn’t want to be his amoureuse either. Instead, she wanted to be Karl’s amoureuse. And to top it all off, his other friend Nancy didn’t want to be his amoureuse either, she TOO wanted to be Nathan’s amoureuse.

He then went on to say that if things went on like this (with all the girls flocking to Nathan) that there would be no girls left for the other boys. (Nice reflection my boy!)

But there’s a silver lining. Nathan told all of the girls to “attack” Théo and they didn’t. He then asked them to “attack” him again and still, they didn’t move. In the end their teacher ended up scolding Nathan by putting him in the corner.

“So, in the end you won Théo!”

“Yes, it was MY day that day!” and he said that with the biggest grin on his face.

My boy, I’m so sure that you will have many days that are meant for you and only you. I love you!

Love and light,

Danielle (mama)


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