cat birthday party

November 25, 2013 § Leave a comment




(printables from




My daughter had her second birthday and we threw her her first birthday party with friends. Because I know that she loves cats so much I decided to go with the cat theme. About five days before the big day I decided that I should probably start doing a bit of research, so I went online to look for some DIY projects that I could incorporate into her party. It didn’t take long before I hit a site ( offered free printables and which I used as birthday favors, another for balloon decorating ideas ( as well as food inspiration.

I am really happy with how everything turned out and best of all, I had a great time diving into it and getting creative at home – all alone at about 01:00 in the morning… Yeah, I had to find the time to do the work when I could be alone…

Having said that and done the early morning preparations, I just have to say that I felt so proud watching my girl run around with her friends, give people smiles and hugs, blow out her candles and open her gifts. She just makes my heart swell up with happiness. I simply find it amazing to finally be able to understand what my mother used to tell me all those years ago, when I was a child. “Do you know how much I love you?” No mom. I didn’t know but now, now that I have children of my own, now I do. Now I know that you would have done anything to protect me. Now I know that my existence was attached to your very soul. That one could not exist without the other.

My baby girl. Leaning on the kid sized table, looking so big and so very proud as she blew out her candles. Such character. Such light. These are the moments that make life so much more than what I expected it to be. And after watching all of the tragedy coming out of the horrific natural disaster that recently hit parts of Asia, I can only say, there are so very few things in life that really have meaning and worth, but they are all natural and free.

Love and light,



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