Disneyland Paris

April 5, 2013 § 2 Comments


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We took some time away from our everyday lives over here in the south of France to enjoy some time in fantasyland. I’ve never been a Disney fan. I’m the kind of person that finds pictures of Disney characters to be beyond tacky. Don’t give me a Winnie the Pooh or Cinderella poster, I’ll trash it. Yet, something happened when I was at Disney. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been a fan of animation, my parents could vouch for that. However, I still didn’t think that Disney would be that pleasant.

Well it was. Forget all of the junk that people say about how horrible Disney is. How it’s all about consumerism. America at it’s worst. Who cares? What I saw in my children was sheer happiness, awe and wonder. Heck, even Pierre and I were in awe and wonder at times (how DO they make those fairies fly like that? I’ll never know.)

All in all we had a fantastic time and leaving Disney was, well in a word, sad. Although I still have an abnormally high distain for Disney posters I will say that I’ve become a fan of their parks. Take me back Mickey, take me back whenever you like.

Love and light,



§ 2 Responses to Disneyland Paris

  • Eda says:

    I totally know what you’re talking about. I thought I would hate Tokyo Disneyland, but then some friends asked me to go with them on a rainy Thursday in February and it was great. Hardly anybody there, no waiting in line. I’ve always been a big fan of dolls and could ride It’s a Small World again and again.

    There’s something so wonderfully artificial about the whole experience and they make no effort to hide that. I’ve been back several times.

  • HI Danielle,
    Quite a long time I have not visited your web page. Very happy to see your two lovely angels. Send the best wishes to your family and your parents also.

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