a day of firsts

March 25, 2013 § Leave a comment


when they first met

when they first met

We had a pretty smooth evening tonight despite the fact that my daughter picked up (and nearly HANDED me) cat poo and then, during dinner, dumped her whole plate (and I mean the entire contents of her plate here) of food on the floor. Well, yeah, I would say that that went pretty smoothly considering that Pierre was due home late so I had to keep my cool, and I did.

So enough about handling little hurdles, how about digesting some mountains of love instead? Tonight, for the very first time, my son told his sister that he loves her. (and I just sighed to myself of course) I asked him to give her a goodnight kiss and as I was walking away with her he said, ever so clearly, “I love you Marie Axelle.” There he goes again, showing me first hand how wonderful true love is.

These are those very awesome moments in parenting and I’m trying to make a point of writing them all down because I’ve noticed that the details can slip away easily if I don’t. Anyhow, I thought that was the best part of the night tonight until my little baby girl squeezed my neck,  with all of her might, while giving me a hug (she gave me a real hug for the first time just two days ago). Some days are just made for remembering.

Love and light,


– and no there were no typos above, you did read cat poo in the opening of this post.


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