fruit, goats, horses and dogs…

March 17, 2013 § Leave a comment



butcher, horsemeat

butcher, horsemeat

dog beach, La Ciotat

dog beach, La Ciotat


Here are a few pictures from our everyday life here in little La Ciotat. The first one is of snack time with my little hearts, where you always have to have a soft furry animal accompanied by knights in shining armor. The second picture was taken just in front of a house that we went to visit last week. Those two cute characters would have been our neighbors if we had liked the place. Picture number three is of a neighborhood butcher. Please take note of the first item on their little menu of  types of meat for sale…horsemeat (cheval). Last but not least, you’ll find a picture of our dog beach (no, we don’t have a dog- but if we did…he’d be one happy dog).

Happy Monday!

Love and light,



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