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March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment








We’re back to our regular schedule now and Théo was soooo happy to be returning to school this morning because he knew that I’d be picking him up at lunchtime. Here in France we have the option of picking up our children for lunch and in the case of preschool, you don’t have to return them to school for the afternoon either. Soooo, when my boy gets picked up for lunch he’s also missing out on the second half of the day. They only return to school to sleep though so I’m not going to worry myself over it. In fact, I think that I’ll just savor this time with him, knowing that next year he’ll be obliged to return to school after lunch.

Favorite memories from our vacation? Going to the pool as a family and seeing how impressed my baby girl was with the pool, the waterfall and all of the people around her. The other favorite memory is that of going to see a movie with my boy for the first time. We went to see the new Disney nature movie about Chimpanzees. Was it a hit? Not really, but walking to that old cinema hand in hand, buying our tickets, picking out some candy, choosing the right booster seat (they came in different colors) and changing seats two times (he wanted to sit closer, a lot closer) made the whole experience a true treasure in the memories department.

Love and light,



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