March 2, 2013 § Leave a comment


a lesson with friends


a day at the pool


lunch with friends


play date


he loves Rapunzel , the green one is her mother, the witch


oh the joy of taking the bus

Two weeks vacation. That’s what we’re wrapping up right now. The only thing is, we didn’t go away, we stayed right here at home. That meant that we had to find ways to fill our days, to keep little hands and feet busy and to enjoy our time together. These two are growing right before my eyes and sometimes I have to remind myself that I have to stay flexible and allow myself to live in the moment more. In the end, I’ll know them more as adults than as children. The tears, the constant talking, the not wanting to walk, the crawling into our bed at night, the whining, the spilling of food and drinks all over the floor, the handprints on the windowpanes…those little handprints on the windowpanes, will only last for a moment.

So I’ll keep praying for extra patience, I’ll take my daily vitamins and I’ll remind myself that life is too short to concern myself with the small stuff.

Love and light,




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