first performance

December 26, 2012 § Leave a comment



Well, it’s definitely the season for little shows of all kinds, especially winter shows put on by kids at their school. My boy performed in his first show during his last week of school, right before Christmas break. His first show. Pierre, Marie Axelle and I were all so very proud of our guy. My heart melted when I saw his little face come out with the rest of his little preschool crew… He looked out into that audience as if it were a vast ocean, full of creatures of another world. And perhaps we did look like creatures from another world or planet. Our faces showing excitement, surprise and perhaps even a little fear as we sat there, bobbing our heads back and forth, flashes going off like mad, faces glued in permanent smiles.

Anyhow, our boy sang and did most of the hand movements and that was more than enough to make me happy. Watching him up there, singing songs in French, all the while knowing that half of him is from a world away from here…well, it was a pretty touching moment. It’s moments like that that make me think that the world is so very small indeed. When people can pull together different parts of our world just by being born by two people of different backgrounds…it makes me think that there’s hope for us yet. Learn to know each other, learn to listen and learn from each other, take the good, leave the bad and move on to make the world that much better. Now that’s a good way to start the season if I do say so myself.

Love and light,





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