a year of accomplishments, already

December 17, 2012 § Leave a comment


drawing in her personal sketch book


art time at home


a building on the old port that I’m slightly obsessed with…


fish Christmas lights along the old port

Not only does one year go by quickly (when you’re watching someone grow) but with my daughter, it’s as if SHE knows that she’s now a year old too. It’s odd because I almost feels as if she was giving me a little nudge, as if to say, “Hey, I may be little but please don’t mind if I – hold my bottle all by myself, insist on feeding myself with a spoon, let you know with specific sounds when I have to use the potty, use specific hand movements when I hear the beginning melody of tunes like “the itsy bitsy spider” and “clap clap clap”, start to climb on tables and chairs (much to your horror), use hand signals to let you know when I’m hungry or thirsty, try my hardest to say “yes” and nod my head up and down to prove to you that I mean business, shake my head “no”, squeal in delight when I hear the Skype dial sound since I know that I’ll get to see Papi and Abuela, dance whenever I hear music and occasionally scratch my brother or any other family member just to see their reaction. You don’t mind that I do these things now do you?”

Just like all of those parents out there in the world (and especially those in the U.S.) I’ve been hugging my children extra tight too. To put it simply, it is just as our president said, we are all so very broken hearted.

Love and light,



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