November 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

hanging out with old buddies

We recently spent some time with  friends in Nantes. We had such a nice time that the days just seemed to fly by. What I love about spending time with friends is not only the great time that you can have together but also the amount of things that you can learn from spending time with them. Personally, I strongly believe that this is exactly why you should be friends with people that inspire you. It can sound odd to say that but in all seriousness, why wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with people that are not only fun to hang out with but that you can learn from as well? Or, why wouldn’t you want to laugh with someone that also inspires you to reach all of those glorious (but dusty) goals that you have lingering on the shelves of your brain?

Isn’t that what good friends are partly supposed to do anyway? Lift you higher? Make you strive to be better?

During our stay in Nantes we stayed with the friends behind L’Atelier du Petit Parc. If you haven’t been to their website yet I think that now would be the time to do so. The woman behind the furniture is an artist and what she produces, along with her work partner, is just fantastic. They bring old furniture back to life. They make us want them again, they use things that if left to be might have ended up in a landfill but instead turn into pieces that are slowly being coveted by people-in-the-know in Paris. Yeah, she’s that good.

Have you been inspired by anyone in your circle of friends lately?

Love and light,



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