active but not sleeping

November 2, 2012 § 2 Comments


One of the nice things about living in the south of France is that there always seems like there’s a nice new place to explore right around the corner. We took advantage of that just yesterday and went for another nice family walk. Théo brought his lion (once again) and this time the baby even got to walk around and explore a bit too since the weather was nice and mild (no wild wind to take cover from).

Outings, like the one above, are great but lately I seem to have lost a lot of energy due to our family’s sleepless nights… It always seems like Théo is waking up and either yelling for me or crawling into our bed. The baby has also taken to waking up several times throughout the night and between the two of them I’m lucky if I get to sleep for one full hour before being awoken by one of them.

I know that this can’t last. I know that they’re only this little once but I also know that interrupted sleep is used as a torture technique by some armies! If only there was a way to do it all. To be there for them during the day, to tend to them at night, AND to be able to do the activities that I enjoy in the evening while also being able to put in some zzzzzz time. What’s that? A full time nanny you say? And give up my day job? No way ;)

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