just the four of us

October 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

the lion king tagged along on our outing

photo shoot with the lion, can you find him?

yes, and there happened to be donkeys there too

We went walking around Montagne Sainte Victoire this past weekend, just the four of us. We happened to pick the windiest day of the month, so windy that our boy stepped out of the car and boldly stated that he was too cold to walk and that he’d rather not. It took some pleading on our part along with, “You’ll warm up as soon as you start walking.” and “I think that Lion King wants to run around the jungle.” before we got the kid to move. So, I guess that you could say that that little piece of plastic (otherwise known as the all-powerful-and-majestic-Lion-King) saved our day.

On the home front our little baby had her first full day with her nanny today. I took pictures of her as she left home with her papa. She looked so big. She did great though. She played with her friends, went to the park, ate and slept like a queen and she was oh so happy to see Théo and I when we picked her up. She actually saw Théo first. She was in the middle of walking around the kitchen when she saw him. Her face lit up with so much excitement, surprise and happiness all at once. She squealed in delight and he immediately took her little face in his hands. It was one of those moments again. Afterwards she spent some time bending down to look directly into his eyes to “talk” to him. That was a clear picture of love. That is also one of my highest hopes for them, to be able to love each other like that. Having a sibling is a gift and I’m very thankful that they have each other.

I’m also very thankful that I have you in my life Keesi. Know that your big sister is thinking about you and that you will always have a home with me.

love and light,




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