by foot or by horse, they get there

October 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

My little princess has really started to walk. First it was just a few steps, then it turned into seven or more, and now she’s walking, changing directions and even trying to run. How did we get to this point so quickly?

I went to the hospital today to visit a friend who had her first baby girl. It was the same hospital that my girl was born in and my friend stayed in a room that was identical to ours. It feels like only yesterday that we were staying there and yet there I was, visiting someone else, all the while knowing that my baby will soon be turning one.

Meanwhile, my little boy is slowly turning into a knight. I can’t call him by his first name anymore. Not unless I add “the knight” to it. Théo the Knight. His moose is a horse, his and his sister’s suitcases are horses but me, I’m a giraffe. Hey, it’s better than when I used to be the elephant of the family. You take what you can get.

Love and light,




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