what did you do all day?

September 6, 2012 § 2 Comments

cry baby and poopy pants, on better days in Alicante

This was how my day went, how was yours?

Marie Axelle, Théo and I rushed to the “big” supermarket this morning (before school!!) to get Théo’s identification photos taken. I wanted to make sure that his teachers had them today since they have kind of made a big deal about having proper identification for them should anything happen. Wow, why didn’t anyone tell me that trying to get your child to take his id photo was so darn hard?? Your head must be kept straight, your mouth must be shut, don’t show any expression whatsoever, sit up, etc. etc. and all this while balancing on your mother’s lap because of course your tiny child is not tall enough to have his head reach the lens of the camera in the camera booth. Wow and all that happened by 08:45?

Drove back home, unpacked the stroller and kids from the car and went back up to our apartment so that I could feed the baby before walking Théo to school. Fine. Managed to get to school on time and proudly handed over most of the items on the list that the teacher gave me (including the prized photos of course) and was told that being late was “pas grave” no problem at all. What? Why didn’t you tell me that to begin with?

Anyhow, let’s forget about all of that because I was now liberated for a whole hour and a half ladies and gentlemen. Oh yeah! And I had plans baby! Marie Axelle and I were going to get a drink with some other mommies at a café close by. Did we? Yes we did and it felt great. Seriously, my hair was up and I could still feel my hair blowing in the wind, I felt that awesome!!

Back to school to pick up my boy and realized that he was the last one to get picked up. My heart immediately felt heavy. Poor thing, how could I have turned into that mom so quickly??? Made a mental note to try to not repeat that. Carried on the day with some grocery shopping before walking home.

Home and lunch and diapers and mess, and cleaning solutions, blah, blah, blah, blah. By now the baby was napping and I had played memory with Théo a total of five times when he woke me up (I drifted off after making my last match) by telling me that it was my turn again. “Again? Lucky me!” More blah, blah, blah and then bath time! Yippee! Bath time means that the day is almost over (a tad bit sad but oh so true). So, kids in the tub (let me just add that my daughter peed on me as I was carrying her from the changing table to the bathtub…) and I decided that I would surf the net (for bath toys that don’t collect mold of course, what else?) when my precious son decided to grab a cup, fill it with water and fling it my way. “MY COMPUTER!!!!” I actually roared that…yes, I was a bit scary but please people, this is my Mac that we’re talking about. My MacBook freakin’ Pro!!!

Flipped my computer over to let any water escape and looked at Théo as I never had before. His life was hanging by a thread or a GB or whatever. All I know is that it was hanging there, in the thin air that separated us. OK, so this is when I freaked out got the (now screaming) baby out of the bath and put her in a diaper. Turned around and grabbed Théo and put him in his underwear and called a friend who is a professional techie. Thank God for friends like that. To make a long story short what he told me was that I should buy an external harddrive in the short term and that if my compter does eventually break down, that the HD in it is still probably intact. Is that good news? Not really but I kind of felt like I usually do when I’m sick and then go to see a doctor, better just because I got a professional opinion.

Fine, now it’s time to feed the baby, who is still screaming. Yes, she (who is usually so calm) screamed through the entire google chat that I had with Mr. Techie. Right about now is the time that my husband Skypes me from his conference in Taiwan to tell me that his VIP dinner is over and that he’s now going to have a cocktail with a colleague. “So happy for you my dear.” Fake smile.

I was just finishing up feeding the baby when Théo called me into the bathroom to show me (and he did this very proudly) that he went caca in the toilet all on his own. The little guy even was in the middle of placing the toilet scrub back in its place when I came in (I made a mental note of telling him NOT to touch that filthy thing in the future yet secretly prided myself on how clean he is).  Skyped my parents, showed them the kids, said goodbye to them and a nano second later my son screams that he needs my help. He  finally runs to me and says, “Caca all over.”

This cannot be happening.

He was right, there was caca all over. On him, on the floor, on the toilet. It was every germaphobe’s nightmare and it was all mine. “Don’t move!!!!” He starts to move, “I said DON’T MOVE!!” Frantic cleaning of the boy, the floor and the toilet commenced until it ended with me mopping my way in to the bathtub so that I could scrub my feet (just in case) before scrubbing the tub out. All the while I kept Théo occupied by telling him to dress himself in some pants and a tanktop. Little did I know that him getting himself into the tanktop would take so long. He came out of his room wearing what looked to be a tube top a few times before I finally helped him get it right. Made another mental note to self about the tank top incase I needed to buy myself some time in the near future.

Disinfected my hands twenty times, grabbed the exhausted baby (who I now realized had not taken her second nap of the day), changed her, made her bottle, fed her and put her in bed an hour earlier than usual. WHICH means that she’ll now wake up at 4:30 instead of 05:30am. Wonderful.

Made Théo dinner. THAT was a lie. I popped a frozen pizza in the oven, because that’s all the energy that I had left in me, and we then proceeded to eat our dinner in reverse. Dessert first. Listen, the kid was starving, so I gave him his cut up grapes (which I cut into fourths “just in case” since my day was already going along so great…), followed by some vanilla yogurt and then six Smarties candies as a prize for, ironically, going caca in the toilet…

The boy told me that he was tired and that he wanted to go to bed. Really? YOU want to sleep? Heavens alive! Rushed to brush his teeth and tidy up his room before asking him to pick out two books to read. Both books were the size of Bibles. I skipped pages. Turned off the lights, said his prayers for him, kissed him a million times and told him how much he is loved.

Went to check on my baby and I saw in her sweet face my brother, my mother, my husband, my son and myself. It was then that I realized that children are really a piece of all of us. Small pieces of us that are put together into one tiny package. Those are the moments that help me to realize that this IS the life. At least it’s my life “and I feel fine”.

Love and light,



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§ 2 Responses to what did you do all day?

  • Denice says:

    AWWWE Brownie, we all have those days. Its the highs and lows of motherhood but in the long run, it turns out to be all highs!
    You are blessed with 2 beautiful kids, a great hubby and friends and family that love you. Even with poop on your body! :)

    • Denice!!! :) I seem to have “one of those days” every eight months or so don’t I? Wow, but when my computer didn’t start…I mean never mind the poo, what about my computer ;) I should title posts like these, “Please don’t read, I’m just letting it all out” huh? Thinking of you. Love, Brownie

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