daily activities in Alicante

September 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

breakfast among men

her first ride

running around the yard

walking hand in hand

let’s rest

my father, sister and mother

Time spent in Alicante consisted mainly of going to the beach and pool. Considering that the temperatures were quite high, you really didn’t want to do anything that might leave you frying in the sun :) so, of course, we always brought our beach umbrella with us. Sometimes, in the morning, Pierre would bring his boy with him to have a bite to eat and spend some time riding the kiddy rides that are so popular in Spain. Each ride costs 20 cents, which is very cheap in comparison to the 1 or 2 Euro fees per ride here in France.

In the evenings we’d all go for a walk along the beach. One night Pierre, Théo and my father went to a sort of magic show exposition, another night we all went to the circus. Actually, there are so many families walking along the beach that it was nice to just walk along with them, eat ice cream and people-watch.

By the way, mother, sister and I took Marie Axelle  out for her first all-girls-shopping-experience and she behaved like a doll. During that outing they introduced me to a wonderful shop called Bimba & Lola and I just found their online store :) My sister has a lot of pieces from them and her closet is becoming a gold mine of great stuff. Perhaps there will soon be the case of the older sister borrowing clothes from the younger sister? :)

Love and light,



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