a visit to medieval Pals, Spain

August 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Pals was a wonderful little medieval town that was just a short ride from Palamós. It was beautiful and I could have stayed there much longer, exploring all of the building and enjoying the views.

Tonight our house is full and we are all very happy. We have some dear friends visiting us from Sweden! They came with many bags of kanelbullar and other nice treats, one of which included Pippi Longstocking’s horse – I love it.

Some “kiddy news” now- Théo started kissing me. It started yesterday afternoon. He stared at me intently with a sly little smile on his face and then he planted one smack on my lips. He was very proud of himself :) and then he proceeded to tell me, “Mama, I’m Théo, I’m not papa.” I replied that I knew that he was Théo and not Papa and I think that I must have reassured him because he ended up giving me more kisses throughout the day. I love that boy!

Love and light,






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