Narbonne, to see a castle and a cathedral

August 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

cleaning up after market day

a visit to a castle or a trip to Sephora?

How about both?

Our view from the castle

gave way to the gorgeous cathedral next door



they where here

the knights where here?


on our way to the cathedral 


the cathedral garden

Ohhhhh it’s late over here!! Here are some pictures from our recent road trip (more pictures from this same “stop over” will come in the next post). We made our first stop in Narbonne and I don’t think that anyone was disappointed with what we found there. Mr. T is really into churches, knights and castles right now so he was one happy camper. I think that Pierre, being from France, is more used to these surroundings than I am. I really was so taken aback by the beauty of the cathedral and the garden. How can things be so lovely?

I just wanted to add that my little boy fed his sister for the first time yesterday. We had cod for dinner and he kept hand feeding her tiny pieces (after I double checked for the presence of bones of course), it was sweet beyond words.


Feeling very blessed.

Love and light,




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