our town is changing

July 27, 2012 § 7 Comments

la ciotat’s vieux port is getting a facelift

the view from above the new shops

going back down for a closer look at the boats and shops

proud “moto” owner

Marie Axelle gets a turn too

La Ciotat is not the world’s classiest town and yet I can see that they are really trying to change their image. They have everything that they need to do it with too. They have  incredibly beautiful surroundings, nice old buildings and a nice old fashioned small town feel. They just need a makeover. Slowly but surely she’s changing and I really appreciate the effort.

Love and light,


p.s. Thank you tia Catie for taking our family photos!


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  • Liz Lobster says:

    Well, it’s looking goooood I’d say. The harbour reminds me of the French Riviera… St Tropez or Ste Maxime. Pretty classy in my opinion! ; )

    • La Ciotat will love you for saying that :) No, it’s not that bad but if you take a walk in the center of town you’ll understand where I’m coming from… They could use some paint and cleaner streets. However, the people here are as sweet as can be and you don’t always find that in “fancy” places soooooo I should just can it ;)

  • tampatlanta says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize you actually live in La Ciotat! What a small world. To the French, the town may still seem stuck in its industrial and shipbuilding roots and only be considered second-class to Cassis, but to me it is one of the nicest beach towns in France and has a little bit of everything…charm, history, natural beauty, and commerce. What are they doing to make it over?

    I noticed the little training bike and have heard wonderful things about them…we don’t see many in the States though…does your son like it?

    • Hello Fred,

      You are so right, the world is a small place, especially since I used to call Florida home too :) I went to university in Boca Raton and Miami and I left behind a lot of friends and family when I left for good. I love going back there though (although ticket prices can get pricey…) and I do hope to get back there before my daughter turns two.

      Yes, I agree with you about La Ciotat. It really does have so much to offer and, even more flattering, is the fact that the people here are as sweet as they come. We lived in Marseille for a year before moving here and we really do enjoy that small town friendliness that greets us everywhere we go. I’ve heard that they’ve been striving to make a change for the past decade or so and you can see it in the many buildings that have been renovated as well as the sprucing up of the old port. There are also plans to change the sidewalk area that goes from the old port along the water to all of those nice little cafés along the beach. Oh, and they are even going to patch up the old Eden Theater for when Marseille becomes the European Capital of Culture in 2013.

      All in all, exciting new things are happening over here :)

      About that bike, it is really great for little ones. They are able to practice getting the hang of balancing on a bike without all of the downsides (accidents) of putting a too-young-child on a bike in the first place. I just gave my boy a helmet, put him on the thing and within minutes he was riding. It was a whobbly ride of course, but still, he was off and having a good time too.

      Thanks for stopping by and following the blog! Oh, and if you happen to tell me where it was you lived exactly, perhaps I could take a few photos for you if I happen to be in the area

      • tampatlanta says:


        That is such a wonderful offer. Google streetview of La Ciotat takes my breath away with fond memories, but current photos would mean even more. I lived in an apartment at the corner of Av. D’Aquitane, Av. Du Dauphine, and Av Theodore Aubanel. The two building complex is just west of Ciotaboats and my apartment was the ground floor apartment closest to the intersection. The entrance is hidden in a little courtyard.

        You’ll see where I walked down the 3 blocks to Beau Rivage every day. I still can remember the stroll down those sidewalks to the beach. If you could take a picture gazing down that road I would be forever grateful. My only fear is that it won’t be as beautiful as in my memories, but c’est la vie!

        Did you happen to go to FL Atlantic? They always have a strong soccer program, and I knew a couple folks that went there. Thanks for the info on the bike. I think we will get our almost 4 year old daughter one and if she is too big, her little brother can use it!

      • Hi Fred,

        It will be my pleasure to look up your old building for you because I know how much small things like that can mean to a person. I can’t say that it will happen quite soon yet but I will make my way over there and when I do, I’ll send you a message to let you know.
        Oh and yes, I did attend FAU!! I had a great time over there, the whole beach atmosphere was not very conducive to being a top student though…how can one think of anything but going swimming with beaches like that? ;)

      • tampatlanta says:

        I could ask you the same thing now about the beaches in La Ciotat! We were just in Miami and West Palm this weekend and we waived to Boca for you when we drove by. Thanks again for stopping by my old place sometime, that would be so neat! Congrats on your little one walking.

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