July 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

my love taking in the dramatic color of the room

my baby girl is two months older than her little boyfriend ;)

We ended our trip in Nimes and stayed in a house that made me feel as if I had been shrunk down to the size of a doll and placed in an old fashioned doll house. The experience of staying in these chambres d’hotes was incredible in the sense that you really feel as if you have been transported into another time or (at the very least) get to experience what it is like to stay in very different places that are filled with character. That’s probably what it is actually, the fact that these homes had character and a definite history about them. Mix that up with some friends and you really have nothing but a good time awaiting you!

On the home front: I walked into my bedroom today to find my 7 month old baby girl standing in her crib! She was holding on to the rails of course but she was standing nonetheless!! We were both very proud :) Oh, and did I mention that she started to sprout two bottom teeth on our recent vacation?? I love you Marie Axelle!!!

Love and light,



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