playing boules is a serious thing

June 21, 2012 § 5 Comments

People are so serious about playing boules over here that they have to forbid it in certain parks – otherwise there would be no room for the children.  We’re going out again in a few minutes and this day is flying by like the wind. Park this morning- check,  baking goodies for tomorrow’s picnic – check. Now we’re on to the music festival!

Love and light,



§ 5 Responses to playing boules is a serious thing

  • Liz Lobster says:

    Here in Provence they play Petanque. It’s always fun to watch young and old on the place, just having some fun with their boules.

    • Hello! Yes, that’s actually the type of boules game that I was referring to. I’m in La Ciotat, the “birthplace” of pétanque and the older men around here can’t get enough of it! I’m like you in that I like to sit and watch them from time to time, especially when their tempers fly and they start yelling and arguing over a play :) too funny. Will you stay in Provence for long and did you attend any of the festivities for the Fete de la Musique yesterday? I hope that you have a great stay!

      • Liz Lobster says:

        We’re in Provence until end August. I’m actually the nanny, so had to stay home last night. My employers went off to St Tropez though… A bit jealous I am. ; )

        Where in Provence are you?

      • We’re in the little town of La Ciotat, close to Marseille. It’s crazy how it’s gorgeous here almost wherever you go! So no St Torpez for you?? You have to see about getting a sitter for the nanny ;)

      • Liz Lobster says:

        Sitter for the nanny. Sounds good.

        The small towns are the best in mid-summer, isn’t it? Not too trampled by the crowds of tourists.

        Enjoy your summer!

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