a good school = a good start

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday morning was spent at the beach with my kids and some friends.  It’s so nice to live within walking distance to a kid friendly beach as it allows mr.T the freedom to roam around and also lets me sit back and relax for a bit. These pictures were taken on our walk home. I would love a house with a nice garden like some of the ones that we pass by on a daily basis but the question lies more in its location. Now that we have kids we can’t just live in a place simply because we like it or because it’s so close to this or that. Now we have to think about what kind of schools our children will attend and that kind of thing has really begun to stress me out.

When you are young you can only take for granted the fact that your parents have placed you in a good school. You think about your friends, how much homework your teacher gives you and what you had or will be having for lunch. You don’t wonder about the general population of the student body, what kind of skills you are being taught, etc. etc. As an adult I’m now incredibly thankful that my father took out the time to make sure that my sister and I always attended good schools where we were challenged on a daily basis. Let’s hope that I can follow in his footsteps.

Love and light,



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