spain, oh spain

June 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

my father and my son :)


First day back and we had a house visit and a beach wedding party to attend, not bad! The house was not in the best location and not to our liking, but the party was great. It’s so nice to get together with sweet people and celebrate something positive, makes you feel all good inside.

I was thinking about my trip to Spain today and it occurred to me that I was lucky in the fact that I actually got to spend some one on one time with my father. We don’t get to do that too often and I really love talking to him. He’s a good listener and he give good advice too. On this trip we talked about how I sometimes can feel that my words and actions can sometimes be misunderstood by others here in France. In the end we came up with the conclusion that it’s a mixture of both  personality and too much of one particular culture that can cause this misunderstanding. -Culture and personality collide of course, but still, there is a difference.

In any case, I’ve come to the realization that it’s going to take me some more time to understand exactly how this society functions socially. What’s acceptable and what’s not. It’s not easy jumping from country to country and culture to culture. I’ve experienced living in six countries now  and I’ve been influenced by all of them. I believe that to be a good thing but sometimes one country’s ways can come out overly strong from time to time and that’s not always a good thing. In the end though, I do hope that what really matters is that my intentions are clear. My mother always tells me that that’s what matters the most, and I do have to agree with her. Still, sometimes the intention is lost on others and it’s just your way of expressing yourself that’s noticed.

Too American, too Honduran, too Malaysian, too Swedish, Too Norwegian, Too French. Well, actually it’s the first four countries that have molded who I am today. Norway I see as just an extension of my time spent in Scandinavia in general and as for France I’m not too sure how much I’ll be influenced, maybe a heck of a lot or maybe as much as can be expected.

For the first time I’m living the life of a married woman with children in a new country. This is a lot different than being a dependent student in a new  country. It’s a world of difference actually and I’m excited to see how it will enrich my life.

I love you Papi!!!

Love and light,



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