a great weekend

April 15, 2012 § Leave a comment


let's get these radishes planted!

that dog sure did run by quickly...

a windy day at the beach


I went grocery shopping with my boy this Friday evening. You can say that that is a loooooong way from what I used to do on a Friday night years ago but today I actually look forward to occasions like these. I call them occasions because I don’t always get to be alone with my boy anymore, especially since our baby girl is still so little and needs a lot of attention.

Saturday was great because it was spent with friends and today was great because we all slept in (meaning that we went to bed VERY late and were awoken by our kids at 08:40), hung out at our place and then went for a walk at the beach.  No nap time for mr.T meant that he was in bed and sleeping by 19:50 while his baby sister followed shortly after. Life is goooooooood!

Before saying goodnight I’d just like to send out a special hug to my first baby girl, my baby sister Christina. She’s back at university now, far from home, covered in essays and books and although we live too far from each other to spend all of her holidays together, I always end up missing her even more when she’s back in school. I love you baby sister.

Love and light,



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