a “carnaval” filled with cowboys and indians

April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

carnaval de la Ciotat


getting her stroller outfitted!

mixing up her Indian costume with her summer hat





Who would have thought that cowboys and Indians would have made the long trip out to a carnival in the south of France? One thing that  I really like about where we live is the fact that there always seems to be an event to look forward to. I especially like the fact that these events are family oriented and held outdoors. The weather is (and I know that I’ve mentioned this before) is just fantastic. Every time I tell people that I consider Florida my home state they always talk about how nice the weather is there yet  I can’t help but bring up the fact that Florida is almost permanently blanketed with humidity…not a good thing. The weather here is much cooler in the winter (which I also love since I quite enjoy feeling the change in seasons), the sun seems like it’s always out and you barely have any humidity to complain of.

This is exactly why it’s so important to make sure that our future home has a beautiful (or potentially beautiful) garden. Like this evening for example, we were in a garden that is worth dreaming about. What a house, what a garden. I can easily say that I probably saw the house of my dreams tonight and that the garden was just amazing. Not only because it had an incredible view over the mountains but also because it was lined with stone walls and filled with all kinds of trees (magnolia, olive, lemon, cherry, orange and grape vines too). Just the perfection of what a house in the south of France should look like.  I can see us eating under the grape vines already, that is, if they lower the price just a little…

Love and light,



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