a doll turns into a baby

March 29, 2012 § 2 Comments




My little baby girl has recovered well from the fever that she had the other night. I was woken up by her at around 1 o’clock in the morning and I noticed how incredibly hot her little head was. I immediately took off her clothes, all except her diaper, and took her into the kitchen so that I could feed her and place cold tea towels on her little head. She was an angel… She didn’t cry, not even when I placed the towels (directly out of the freezer) on her forehead. Instead she just played with her favorite toy and looked as alert as ever. Thank goodness too, since her fever reached 39 degrees before I could bring it down…quite scary.

About that doll. That was my “baby” when I was little. Don’t you remember the cabbage patch kid faze? Anyhow, I always used to wonder what my real daughter would look like and now that she’s finally here all I can say is, “Of course that’s her and of course that’s what she looks like.”

Love and light,



§ 2 Responses to a doll turns into a baby

  • Denice says:

    Oh brownie, how scary. At least you woke up and caught it. Mama’s instinct! WHAT A LITTLE ANGEL! You are truly blessed with the perfect family you deserve. I too had Cabbage Patch Dolls. However, I gave mine away years ago. Wish I would have kept them now even though it seemed so silly years ago. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • We’re complete now :) Now I totally understand what you meant years ago when you said, “I’ve got my boy and my girl so we’ll stop right here.” I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to have both experiences, it’s awesome. About the cabbage patch kid, my parents saved her for me and they are usually notorious for throwing things out! Thinking of you and your own beautiful little family. Love, me

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