a spa and a boat show

March 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

mr.T likes to hold his baby sister from time to time

this small boat looks like a fun toy





riding piggy back with his BFF


We’ve had a jam packed weekend and we’re now very tired but also very happy. Théo got to see one of his buddies since we spent the day at a local boat show today. On a day like this, with a clear blue sky and a high of 18 degrees Celsius…you can’t help but want to not only go to a boat show but buy a nice boat as well.

On my side, I’m feeling recharged and ready for another week since I spent my Saturday morning with a friend at a spa in Marseille. Can I just tell you how freaking fantastic it was to go to a Hamam and to then get a facial that included a foot and hand massage???? What?? How could I not have realized how essential that kind of treatment is to my personal well being? Listen, my mistake has been noted and I will make sure to make more regularly scheduled visits to that little paradise in the near future.

Love and light,





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