in shock

March 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


I cannot get the recent shootings in France out of my head. I suppose that no one really can. I keep thinking about the woman that lost, in front of her eyes, her husband and two sons (her youngest son was all of three years old). She’s now left to take care of her youngest child, a little girl, on her own.

How do people get through things like that? Your children assasinated at point blank range, right before your eyes along with your husband. How do you live through another day? What kind of overwhelming pain must engulf your whole being as you enter your house again and move through the rooms that once housed your loved ones? How heartbreaking it must be to see their clothes scattered here and there, still lingering with their scent.

All of France is in shock. The sheer nature of the killings is vile and ruthless and could only be the work of a monster. My mother once told me that her mother used to tell her, as a child, that she shouldn’t fear ghosts but, instead, she should fear the living. I understand her now.  

My heart goes out to the loved ones that the victims left behind.



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