nap time rituals and mr.T’s room

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is my brother taking a nap.

This is what I do in order to wake him up. "Let me just take that!"

a kiss for you from me



the police never looked cooler than when driving this car


each toy was a gift, I just realized this

“Maxelle”, as mr.T calls his sister, has a funny way of waking her brother up. She just steals his pacifier, it makes the whole waking-up-time go by a lot quicker. Here are a few shots of mr.T’s room and one of my baby girl as I was organizing my closet. Pierre seems to think that time is passing by slower with our girl than it did with our boy but I beg to differ. She’s already hit the three month marker and I fear that she’ll turn one before I know it.

Oh, I got the best gift ever today. A tripod. Now I can record our movies with more ease and delve deeper into this whole photography thing. I’m excited!

Love and light,



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