are you “potty” serious???!!!!

March 1, 2012 § 1 Comment




This cannot go on!! SIX accidents before 10:00 is no joke. I spent my morning cleaning up his accidents, putting him on the potty right after, getting him cleaned up and changed – only to have it happen again a few minutes later. It was a bad cycle of being about 10 minutes behind schedule every time. I finally caved in and put him in pull ups during lunch because I wanted to feed him (and myself) in peace. He’s sleeping now but it’s back to the drawing board when he wakes up.

On a good note, he actually used the potty two times today. So far I’ve gotten tips on giving him candy for each successful trip to the potty and allowing him to aim at Cheerios (which I haven’t yet tried since I don’t have any in the house). Any other tips? Perhaps some tips on how to handle the situation when he has accidents?

Love and light.

Danielle (who looks a HORRIBLE mess right now and needs make-up and daytime clothing BADLY)


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  • muriel says:

    my experience :
    when adrien turned 3 (june) we did…. nothing.
    We waited end of july, during holidays. (As specialists say, summertime is the best time,), it’s easy to live with light clothes and parents are cool and available. In august, we started to use pull ups, and the potty. After each meal, we ask him if he wanted to go to the potty, not always with a positive answer. One day (end of August), he said to us : I don’t want to wear pull ups anymore I’m a big boy now.
    1 or 2 accidents during the first week. 2 weeks after, he told us again. I don’t want to wear pull ups at all (during naps and night), and that was the end of the pull ups period… In my opinion, let’s the time make the thing. Your boy is intelligent. If he has accident, he understands what’s going on, for the time being, he isn’t confident enought to say good bye to the pull ups, especially with his little sister, who needs attention. My teachers’ friends who work with these kids, who enter school at 3 or more, say that sometimes, some kids are ‘clean’ the day before the “big day”. So keep it “soft” don’t force him, you would have the contrary effect.
    Good luck and many kisses, Muriel

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