baby sunglasses, a blanket and a growing baby

February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment


my grandmother sewed me this blanket!


I don’t know who taught my boy to place his sunglasses on his head like that. I don’t do it and Pierre certainly doesn’t either. Usually though, they aren’t even on his head but, instead, placed directly on his forehead…too cool for school. My baby girl has been taking advantage of the warmer weather and wearing the blanket that her grandmother (Pierre’s mother) knitted for her. It’s so nice to have handmade items made by loved ones, it makes them that much more special. Oh and yes, my little baby is three months old and growing every second of the day. She recently went in for a doctor’s visit and we found out that she’s now 5kg and 62cm long. Just yesterday I had to pack away most of her clothes and take out her new items. It’s crazy how little time they spend in their clothes the first few months of life…

Love and light,



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