let them eat cake – to celebrate the Epiphany of course

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment



gateau des rois - a brioche topped with candied fruit

We went to Aix en Provence for the day on Saturday (please don’t pay any mind to the photo as I cannot seem to do that city justice with my camera) and had a nice time walking around.  The city is so pretty and alive and the weather was just fabulous.  Little Marie-Axelle had a little “accident” and needed a full change of clothing. Of course we noticed this after we had just parked in a parking garage and of course I had not brought a change of clothes. Luckily it didn’t take long to buy her another pair of tights and a dress but next time I’ll be better prepared.

Sunday morning was spent by my boys at the pool while I stayed home with my girl to tidy up. Later in the afternoon we had some friends over and ate a special cake called a gâteau des rois which is made especially to celebrate the Epiphany. I personally like the northern version of this cake better but I must say that the northern version does nothing but expand your waistline…and I say this while eating ice cream and drinking champagne. Yes, that’s right, ice cream and champagne can be a wonderful combination when you are an exhausted mother of a toddler and two month old! Why not?

Love and light,



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