some days are harder than others

January 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

riding his "moto" today


all cosy in her baby björn


I’m not the first, nor the last, person to stay at home with more than one small child and although I feel that I show a good amount of patience with my children, I also know that they are both very mellow and sweet kids, which makes taking care of them that much easier. Still, it’s hard work and there are days like today when I feel like I could use a break.

I met another woman at the park a few weeks back that has three young ones and they’re all a year a part… She told me that she has it so hard that she tends to cry at home from time to time. We’re women that love our children, we’re not super human. Personally I’m happy that the tough days  are so few in number and I’m also happy to have a husband that helps out.

It’s crazy though, because as soon as I start to feel overwhelmed or tired I think about the fact that my boy will be starting preschool this September. I already know how September will creep up on me with such a rapid pace that I’ll wonder how all the months in between could have flown by without me noticing. All of this means that I have to remind myself that this short chapter in my life will soon come to an end and although I am allowed to feel tired or overwhelmed once in a blue moon, I’ve also got to appreciate the fact that I do have this time with my two kids.

After all, life is short but our childhood is even shorter and I’m very thankful that so far, I haven’t missed a thing in their young lives.

Love and light,


(pictures were taken this afternoon – mr.T was soooo happy riding his moto that it was difficult to get him to leave)





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  • Denice says:

    It is no picnic staying at home. And you are right some days are better than others. But now that I look at my kids and Maicie starting KINDERGARTEN next year, I think, where has the time gone?
    While I know it is SOO hard, cheerish even the rough moments bc you are right September will be here before you know it. And you will miss the crazy. I do already!

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