my memories of Santa

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment


let's eat

wearing ALL of the crowns from our "crackers"

marie-axelle with another beautiful cousin

mr.T ate EVERYTHING that he "decorated" his cookie with...over and over again

driving at the beach with his papa

stopping to make a phone call with his mama

my babies


new year's eve dinner

my pierre is ready for the next course

a rainbow after a lot of rain on the drive home

So we took our first real family road trip to visit Pierre’s family during the Christmas break and the only reason that I am still sane (as opposed to insane…) is that we bought our boy a DVD player for the occasion. Best-Gift-Ever!! He wasn’t cranky (because he was watching his Cars 2 movie), he wasn’t screaming to get out of his car seat (because he was watching his Cars 2 movie), he didn’t sleep all day and stay awake all night (because… you’ve  picked up on the pattern right?). Anyhow, if you’re planning a family road trip with a toddler I highly recommend making the investment, and yes, it is an investment (in your own mental health).

Sanity aside, we feel lucky to have been able to make that trip and spend time with our family. It was especially fun on this trip because our boy REALLY believes in Santa Clause so it was fun to go through that whole thing again, except this time, as a parent myself. Doing that actually brought back a lot of memories of my own Christmas experiences and all I can say is that my father (who I call Papi) was the best Santa ever. He made every Christmas extra special for me and I only hope that I am able to give Théo the same kind of gift. Now that my days of waiting up for Santa are over, I have come to realize that my father’s gifts weren’t the real gift but rather, it was the whole set up behind the affair that was.

He’d do things like make my mother and I wait in the car before leaving the house on Christmas Eve to attend a party while, unbeknownst to me, he was quickly placing all of my gifts from Santa under the tree – and he’d even put some IN the chimney too.  Or I also love how he’d wake me up, close to midnight on the same night, by running into my room and telling me that he had just heard Santa and asking me if I could hear the reindeers’ hooves on the roof (“yes Papi I can!!”) or if I saw the red light in the sky that was Santa’s sleigh flying away (“yes” again!!). No wonder why I love Christmas so much.

I love you Papi!!!

Love and light,




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