a tour of our city and a show

December 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

our tour guide is also the man that plays the guitar for us on Fridays at mr.T’s open school :)

too excited by the pig to stand still

the fountain was turned into a mini zoo


waiting for the fire and dance show to begin


Mr.T’s open school put on a special snack hour (filled with music) and a personal  historical tour of our little town. To be quite honest, I didn’t pick up on almost anything that was said by our guide as we were outside and it was quite noisy, too noisy to concentrate on translating from French to English in my head…However, I think that both my boy and I (Marie-Axelle slept the whole time!) were just happy to be out and about enjoying everyone’s Christmas spirit.

After the tour we went to our favorite small square and were surprised to find it filled with animals! Odd but sweet.  After that we were off to a fire and dance show that was put on by the town.  I can tell you that my boy was very impressed with the show and so the day was, all in all, a hit.

Love and light,



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