sickness and stress go hand in hand?

December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

reading a bedtime story tonight, for the first time, as a group of 3



I’m usually pretty healthy but every time I go through a big change in my life (a big move, relationship issues, new stressful job, a newborn…) I usually get so stressed out that I end up getting sick. I can totally remember the best and the worst periods of my life (because sometimes stress does attach itself to even positive things) and match them up to sickness so it’s no surprise that my immune system is down and that I ended up getting sick now.

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day as I woke up still feeling nauseous (as I had when going to bed) and I ended up vomiting about an hour into my day. That was only the beginning. At one point it go so bad that mr.T vomited while I was vomiting in the bathroom which made Pierre and I wonder if he was watching me so closely that he was now able to vomit at will… Noooo, he ended up having the same bug as I had and so this was later followed by a whole night of what I’d like to term “vomit fest” and “Elsie the Cow” night as I cleaned mr. T’s vomit and breastfed my baby girl. I was awake EVERY hour for the majority of the hour and funny enough, I think that mr.T’s being sick made me forget about my own illness to step up to the plate. It’s like the old story goes, moms are never allowed to get sick even when they are really sick.

We’re both a lot better now though. Still low appetites and headaches but no vomiting, thank goodness. As for the stress part, no one told me how much guilt I would feel while trying to take proper care of both of my children at the same time. I became so used to being able to give my son 110% that I now feel tormented by the fact that I can no longer seem to do that. My head tells me that it’s OK, that this is a normal process, that it’s good for him not to be “number 1” forever, but my heart still hurts for him. I guess it’s made worse by the fact that he’s also such a sweet boy and that he’s taken so well to most of the changes that have come his way. On the flip side I also stressed about the fact that my baby girl is not getting the same kind of attention that I used to give my son at her age. It’s all logical, I now have two kids, but it’s going to take me some more getting used to and I’m definitely also going to need to become even more organized in my everyday life.  One small step at a time, here goes nothin’.

Love and light,




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