Not having family close by when raising your kids…

December 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

knocking over his grandmother at the airport

my parents, mr.T and I on our way to Cassis

my parents!

my father and Théo became great buddies, here they were busy talking about churches

caught resting while out on a day trip while I was in the hospital

taken in the hospital

all ready to leave the hospital

but someone’s newborn pants were too short for her!!! yikes!

taken before leaving, my blood pressure had shot up so much that they were worried that I wouldn't be able to go home...nerves

marie-axelle's first time home, her big brother looks to his papi (grandpa) for some support

my parents took Théo to the park every day - he was one happy boy!

getting a haircut from abuela before she and papi returned home to Spain

I don’t know how I ended up being blessed enough to have my parents present for the birth of BOTH of my children (when we are a family that tends to live in different countries) but somehow I have. It’s amazing. For most of the time that I even thought about having children I always had it in my head that I’d probably have to do it alone. I thought that I’d for sure live so far away from everyone that I loved that it would have to be that way. So truly, I feel so blessed.

Having them here with me both before and after my daughter’s birth allowed me to walk into that hospital at 4am and not worry for one second about my boy. You can’t put a price on that kind of peace of mind. Having the ability to wake my mother up at 2am and ask her to help me time my contractions is something that I’ll never forget. The way that both of my parents took care of Théo while I stayed in the hospital for five days is also incredible. They say that it’s normal but it’s really not. Théo was confused, of course, but he was kept active with daily trips to the park or out on little excursions and he definitely knew that he was loved.

When my parents eventually left the house felt so empty and being all alone again, with no family in sight (and all of our friends living in Marseille) made me rethink why we live in the south of France and not further north, closer to Pierre’s parents, brother, sister and their respective families.  We love it down here, it’s gorgeous and the weather is great but is it enough to make up for not having loved ones close by? These things are never easy so for now I’ll just concentrate on the fact that  I at least  have support (through emails, phone calls and skype hugs) and that I know that if I really needed it, help is just a plane ride away.

love and light,




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