due date not far away now…

November 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

a happy smile for our last date night before baby arrives??






tired, but I can still eat some ice cream

Oh wow!! What a wonderful day we’ve had today! Mr.T and I took his moto to his open school this morning, came back and hopped in the car with his grandparents to take the Route des Cretes to Cassis. The views on that road are spectacular and it’s a shame that I only had my cell phone with me… Once in Cassis we picked out a nice restaurant and sat outside in the sun. It got so warm that I ended up sitting there in just a tank top and to think that it’s November! Lunch for me consisted of a no-no…mussels and french fries. Soooo yummy though, and Théo and I both topped that off with the creamiest chocolate ice cream that I’ve ever had (and that’s a good thing!). Then some retail therapy for me in a lovely shop where I found Rice products, good soap and a cute shopping bag to keep in mr.T’s stroller. Fantastic!!!

The first picture in this post is of me when Pierre and I went out to dinner this past week. We can’t believe that our baby girl is still not here yet…hopefully she won’t take much longer. One of my doctors told me that I’d have to go back to the hospital to get checked out again if she doesn’t arrive by the 14th (due date is the 16th). I’ve been having a hard time sleeping due to all the contractions that I’ve been getting but they are only painful at night…I guess she’s warming up :)

Love and light,



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