swedish pepparkakor in november

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment




I spent 10 very significant years of my life living in Scandinavia. I went to school there and worked there and so I also know how to speak Swedish and yet I don’t really have any use for it over here in France.  However, the one thing that I just can’t seem to live without are Swedish pepparkakor during the Christmas season. Not only are they yummy to eat but they make awesome decorations that give your home a cosy and organic holiday feel.

Now I know that it’s a bit early for Christmas cookies or even (what I’m currently concentrating on) decorative cookies but I’m so ready to pop out this baby that I don’t really see myself doing this a few weeks down the road. So today, right after I realized that my boy wasn’t going to be the best partner at helping me to make a large  Christmas garland…I decided to make the cookie dough and cut out the garland (from cardboard) myself and to do so while he napped.

I seem to have quickly forgotten how much work is involved in making pepparkakor though…the dough is sticky, needs to be chilled and once you’ve made the dough it seems like you’ll NEVER run out of it. Seriously, I worked hours baking this evening and I’m sooo happy to finally be done :) Tomorrow I’ll start work on the icing and see about decorating the cookies at night to get a head start before decorating some with my boy. The plan is to have enough cookies to hang around the house and to give away to family members before my baby girl is born. That is, if she’s not born tonight!

Love and light,


p.s. If you want the recipe that I use let me know. I haven’t posted it because, quite frankly, I’m not all that impressed with it as I feel that it needs to be kicked up a notch on the spice side…but then again, everyone else seems to enjoy them (yet I can’t lie, I like them too, which is why I ate 3 this evening AND one of them was a large moose!!!!)


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