pastry in La Ciotat

October 18, 2011 § Leave a comment


ohhh la la!

Théo actually had MORE of the strawberry tart after I took this picture. I told him that we were saving it for Papa but he didn't care, little piggy!

half dazed while singing songs during his sugar marathon

I know that the last few weeks of pregnancy are NOT the time to be testing out different French pastries but, what the hell?! A woman has to live and it’s only right that I allow myself to be immersed in ALL aspects of French culture right? Tuesdays are Market Day in La Ciotat and mr.T and I had a busy morning buying our veggies and viewing all of the other products that were for sale. Having a market like this right by your house makes it impossible not to feel guilty if you only buy your vegetables at the supermarket. In fact, I feel kind of spoiled- just a little bit. My mother says that you should buy your veggies when you need them because then you only end up buying what you need and not contributing to food and monetary waste. She’s right.

Love and light,



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