la fete des places, la ciotat

October 8, 2011 § 1 Comment


my hairdresser was the wind this evening ;)



We went to La Fetes des Places or, in English, The Square Party, early this evening here in La Ciotat. Unfortunately it’s just starting to get a bit cold here (18 degrees Celsius)  and with the strong winds picking up so much people closed down their stalls early and we pretty much missed out on a lot of events. It was supposed to last until midnight but I doubt that there’s a lot going on even at this early hour.

Still, we did get to listen to some Gypsy Kings inspired music which was really wonderful. I love that kind of music, it makes me feel very happy and spirited. Mr. T loved it and the two of us danced at bit as he stared at the band. We finished off the evening with buying ourselves some goodies – luscious nougat, pastry and some take away paella from our local deli. Not a bad ending to a Saturday to say the least.

By the way, it’s my mom’s birthday today!!! Happy birthday mama!!! Te quiero mucho!!!!

Love and light,



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  • Denice says:

    Little Mr. Theo is SOOOO CUTE I can’t stand it. YOU LOOK FABULOUS MAMA!! Hang in there, she will be here soon! :)

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