hormones and growth of another kind

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

making a card for a loved one

I became very sad last night after my boy went to bed in his new big-boy-bed.  So far he’s had two big changes in two weeks. First it was ditching his high chair for a booster seat and now it’s the bed. He’s been acting a bit more cranky at times and he’s been crying more easily and so I couldn’t help but feel like he’s had to deal with too many changes in a short period of time (new apartment, new city, new social events, etc. etc.).

Last night my hormones got the best of me though and I cried like a baby. My heart was broken to see his old crib in our room (now waiting for his little sister to occupy it) as it feels like it was only weeks ago when he was a tiny baby himself. My normal brain knew that the transition from crib to bed was a positive one but my hormonal heart just didn’t want to agree. Last night, after Pierre put mr.T’s new bed together, my little boy was as excited as one could be. However, right before bed he started crying because he didn’t want his diaper changed. Then he started saying “baby, baby”…Pierre thinks that he was trying to express the fact that he wanted to stay a baby. My heart was a puddle.

The night went well however and this morning when I heard him wake up I went in to his room to find him sitting proudly at the opening to his bed. I asked him if he liked his big bed and he gave me a big smile and said “yes.” My boy is growing and hopefully I won’t allow my hormones to get in the way of seeing that as a good thing. Truthfully though, I probably have at least one more good old hormonal cry left in me.

Love and light,



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