friends visit us and I continue to worry about the due date

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

mr.T riding piggyback for the first time

yachts being repaired in our port

riding the carousel next to vieux port

mr.T is in that submarine :)

walking with his papa

La Ciotat's vieux port (old port)

We had a visit from some friends that live in Marseille this past Saturday! We spent some time walking around, eating ice cream, letting the kids ride on a carousel and then having dinner back at our place. We had a really nice time and it was the first time that I saw my little mr.T act like a wrestler… He actually had our friend’s kid in a choke hold and he was so happy to be doing it! I guess this is just the beginning of watching him turn into a true little boy.

All in all we are doing great in our new city. My only little complaints have to do with being uncomfortable as it’s getting harder and harder to find a comfortable position to sit or lie down in. My major concern, however, has to do with my boy and making sure that he is taken care of while I am in the hospital delivering our baby girl. If this unborn child decides to come into this world after her due date we’re fine since my parents will be here. However, if she decides to come out early things could get more complicated. Thankfully we do have two sets of friends (with kids) that have kindly offered to take care of him but I still worry.  Please baby girl, come out when your grandparents arrive!!


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