moving to La Ciotat

August 25, 2011 § Leave a comment


Démenagement.  Moving. I’ve always found moving to be very exciting and I’ve never been one to be too terribly afraid of what’s to come (at least not as an adult although my teenage self didn’t enjoy leaving friends behind). It’s still the same now. I’m very excited about what’s to come, the kind of people that we’ll meet, the kind of places that we’ll discover, how our apartment will slowly become our home. The only real though part is the packing and unpacking. That’s always such a complete drag, expect in the cases where you manage to throw out a lot of useless stuff or you realize that you don’t really own that much stuff to begin with. Having children means having more stuff though, or at least more “equipment” (be it useful or not…). Anyhow, the movers will arrive at 07:00 tomorrow (or should I just stop kidding myself, TODAY!!) and our time living in an apartment in the heart of this bustling city will come to an end.

Baby news: I saw my baby’s tiny nose and cheeks in 3D today at the doctor’s office. She was hiding the rest of her face but it was enough to make me think that she’s the most beautiful baby in the world of course! Of course, all moms think that :) Her body has already turned and so her head in the prime position for her big day and she’s growing at a great pace. We’re both doing great considering that there’s been little time for rest.

The next time that I write a post I’ll be doing it from my new home!!! La Ciotat, here we come!

Love and light,



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