Corsica, our honeymoon – part two

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

our first and last toro piscine show

his little eyes were glued to the bull


volunteers that were getting out of harm's way

his little feet floating in the water


look at what we built!

mr.T, his sister and I

The French have very active summer nights if you get lucky enough to stay in one of their little towns or villages. Every evening there is some show to see that involves food or singing, animals or acrobats or bulls that jump around in pools and  that try to run over people to get to soccer balls…strange but true story. Yes, we went to a Toro Piscine Show and it involved loud music, bulls, people getting horns jammed up their rear ends (sorry but it’s the truth) and a donkey race. Really, it was crazy and a bit too much for a young child but the place was full of other kids so we stayed and covered mr.T’s eyes and ears at the most bizarre parts.

Let me just introduce you to Mr. Ducky who is mr.T’s first float. He LOVES that duck so much that during our whole trip he showered with him, dried him off with a paper towel and would then feed him dinner. True. Love.

Love and light,



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