Corsica, our honeymoon – part three

August 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

le petit train in Ajaccio

Napoleon's cave



Napoleon used to come here!!!!


We took a train ride around Ajaccio, Napoleon Bonaparte’s birthplace, the day of our departure from Corsica. Having already taken a day trip there a few days before, and visiting Napoleon’s childhood home, it was nice to go back and see it another way. Théo was thrilled beyond belief that we were on a train and had a huge grin on his face the whole ride. One of the stops included a trip to the cave that Napoleon used to visit on a regular basis. It’s always so cool to find yourself in the same spot that someone, of significance, once stood in. It’s the kind of feeling that makes you feel like a kid all over again – just in awe.

All in all we had a great little honeymoon. So much so that I stopped taking photos and just tried to soak up the surroundings and live in the moment. That’s something that one doesn’t always do while looking behind the lens of a camera.

Last words? Corsica is definitely the kind of place that makes you want to return in the near future.

Love and light,


§ 2 Responses to Corsica, our honeymoon – part three

  • Denice says:

    Brownie, you are ONE SEXY PREGO!! I am so glad you had a great time! Most honeymoons are just “vacations” yours was a family trip with built in memories for Theo. AWESOME!!

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