Corsica, our honeymoon – part one

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

our departure from Toulon by ferry


arrival at Ile Rousse in Corsica

a perfect rest spot on the way to Sagone

the landscape was gorgeous but I was sooo sick from the car trip...too many turns

day trip to Carghese

personal gardens, rustic sheds

sitting down to check out the motorcycles and cars that drove by, of course

Pierre and I went to the French department of Corsica for our honeymoon but we weren’t alone… We had our little mr.T with us and of course I’m also carrying our baby girl in my womb :) We left Marseille by car and drove to Toulon where we took a six hour ferry ride to our port destination of Ile Rousse. Once there we had a few hours drive south to Sagone, where we rented a studio that was just meters from the beach and steps from the pool – perfect! The ride down was pretty horrible though simply because I get carsick sooooo easily but, if you can stomach it, the view along the way was really incredible. I only managed to take a few shots for fear of upchucking (thank you very much)…

The last few pictures of this post were taken in the small town of Carghese where we bought the most delicious rotisserie chicken that I’ve ever had in my life. It was made by two little old ladies that should be give medals for they way they season and roast a chicken :)

Love and light,



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