where is our new place??

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

a building that I like close to home



We had another long day of apartment viewing today and it didn’t go in our favor… As it turns out, we simply cannot live in an apartment that is smaller than the one that we currently live in since, not only are we having another child, but Pierre wants to be able to work from home as well. That means that we need to have a rather large bedroom ourselves so that we can fit in a nice workspace for him.

One of the apartments that we saw had the most beautiful views and was just meters from the beach…but it was too small. I can’t help but sometimes feel that we should just sell all of our stuff and go back to owning just the very minimum but then I remember that we really don’t own all that much. How do people in Tokyo do it, for example? And should we give up wanting to live near the beach and go for more space out in the country? Can I take being a bit isolated? I don’t know – probably not at this moment, especially when I really need to improve my French skills. Anyhow, now I’m just holding on to the fact that life is brilliant and anything is possible.

Love and light,



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