mushroom pencil case

July 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

mushroom pencil case

I’m preparing a package that’s going to be sent to someone special in the States. I really love decorating plain wrapping paper and I had fun with this one since I stole the pattern from one of the gifts :) I’ve found that it’s hard to find nice, mailable, gifts at large department stores here in France since most of what they have can be bought anywhere in the world. For that reason, I make a point of going into the special boutiques around town that only have limited supplies of an item and that stock things that are hard to come by. Soon, this pencil case will have a new home!

Love and light,



§ 2 Responses to mushroom pencil case

  • Denice says:

    You are so crafty! You little Martha Stewart!! I LOVE
    the Ironman picture! It came out great!! My suggestion,
    maybe add a ball to the one an elephant would
    “balance” on?? I do think it looks good just the way it is though…

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